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Enrico and Francesco, two very different friends, meet in a sunny and lovely place, sipping fresh drinks under a gazebo. The main reason for their meeting is the growing obsession that lately is concerning several families in the city, related to a dangerous group of hitters and foreign clowns, who suddenly arrive with a white van, ruthlessly pouncing on Italian children and kidnapping them for organ traffic.

This is what Francesco, full of emotion, tries to explain to his friend Enrico, who listens carefully to all that his friend has to say about what he saw and then expresses out loud his mean ideas; Enrico decides to go the very same afternoon on the place his friend told him.

Here is where the two friends find the two foreign clowns that Francesco mentioned in the morning. They start following them without being seen, with the idea of making their own justice, after damaging the van.

Even though they have two different characters, in that moment Enrico e Francesco load the bullet of their aggressiveness against the refused and little-known world of immigrants, both agreeing to a sinister mechanism: the easy movement of Enrico's single open hand, mimicking a gun, pointing it to the back of the two walking Romanian clowns, that are walking on a dusty and unknown path.


Under a pleasant and reassuring gazebo on a garden in a sunny day, two friends build a story of hate starting from an upsetting legend, that has been haunting Francesco - the most fragile among the two, the one married with children - for some time, who calls Ernico - single, tough and with a sharp smile - asking him for help but then turning the request into an execution for an already issued judgment.

Since the beginning, "Bang" alternates open and colourful outside places with the inner and darkest places in our souls.

Long paths with rural and light colours are shown against the dark feeling of the racial prejudice, that lead the two different friends closer and closer, up to the point when they become one single wave of blind and wild hatred.

On the other side, two characters equally mysterious and disturbing: two Romanian clowns, very different one from the other, that stop their van in a parking lot, pick up a big bag and start walking on the same paths we saw earlier. The two couples of men share the same environment, reflecting a phobic and judging society, full of terror and endless solitude.


Terra dei Piccoli Onlus supports the making of the project "Bang to Racism", in order to address problems related to racism and racist and xenophobic prejudices.

These are times when there is a big on-going discussion on immigration, but people often get to know the details from some preconceived ideas and from some "isolated" and unrepresentative cases that have a big impact on media.

Is it true that immigrants steal work to Italians and are to blame for salary reduction? Is is true that crime gets higher because of them? Is it true that they are dangerous for our children? Is is true that that's how they are, that they belong to another race so it's safer no to blend? We believe we need to talk about it and think of it also using cultural initiatives, with humour, metaphors and, in this case, also with movies or talking to experts and scientists.

The project worked on several ways, from the most direct educational way - with the help of Professor Guido Barbujani - to the cultural way - with the short movie Bang, made by Noctefilm, trying to reach out as many people as possible, with actions and different comminication ways.

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Shooting days3 (december 2014)
Cast5 actors
CameraCanon 5d mark III
Current statusclosed on 25/4/15

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